How it works

In less than 5 minutes, you will be able to know if there are any early warning signs on your feet’s surface. FeetWell uses the newest technological developments: ultrasound, thermography, and dermatoscopy to give you the most precise results.
The FeetWell device can be connected to your laptop or pc; following the self-inspection with the hand-held FeetWell device, you will receive a detailed report on your feet’s condition on your computer (a relevant software is included in the FeetWell user pack).
The purpose of this inspection is to identify early warnings signs of nerve damage or minor injuries that could lead to ulcers down the road. If any problems are found, you must visit a podiatrist who will determine the further course of action.

Without side effects

If you have diabetes, close and frequent inspection of your feet’s skin is one of the most important habits to be developed. Preventative foot care and careful inspection of the diabetic foot on a regular basis is the easiest and most effective way to prevent foot complications.
The FeetWell device is a non-invasive way to take your self-inspection into a new level: with this device, you can detect the minimal changes in skin surface, temperature and possible ulcers. Therefore, the FeetWell device improves your feet’s self-inspection routine from merely checking the visible condition to looking into the foot’s state regarding minimal and non-visible changes.
FeetWell device helps prevent foot complications for people with diabetes better than any other tool before!


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